Lexie Didn’t Win…Hummm

Everyone expected Lex to win the Taekwondo tournament last weekend, all categories, hands down. But she didn’t. She was stellar, looked beautiful and inspiring but she didn’t win the tournament. We all thought she would.

I’d spent a lot of money getting her there. I’d gotten up at 4 am, driven with almost no sleep in a car that wanted to give up the ghost. I felt lousy. She was supposed to win and didn’t, so half way thorough an excruciatingly long and loud taekwondo tournament I was exhausted and very very grumpy. I was still smiling because i loved all the competitors, even if I didnt know them, but I wanted desprately to drive three hours, get home, drink a beer, watch bad tv and go to sleep.

But something happened. After Lexie didn’t win, another mom with a young daughter caught up with me. “I don’t relly know anything about this stuff but I hope my daughter will grow up to be just like your daughter. She was amazing to watch.”

A little girl asked Lexie for her autograph. Then it was time for her to judge the lower rank student.

She was so supportive when she talked to the chubby yellow belt, she cheered for the underdog and high-fived the skinny kids who looked like she wanted to cry. Parents asked if she was my kid and I said yes and they said “she’s wonderful,” and “she’s so great”.


Sometimes God sends us out into the world to get a job done. We don’t know what it is. We think it’s about us…and it’s not. It was such a long long day, but now, I realize it was worth it.