Sausage On A Stick…The Killer Breakfast

I’ve got breakfast issues. I know it’s the most important meal of the day but it sure as hell isn’t the healthiest. I realized that again today when I said to my 8 year old, “Do you want pizza or spaghetti-os this morning?” Wait, I do try to put some fruit, grapes of a banana on the side of the plate next to the pizza, I promise.

Allmost all of the packaged breakfast stuff is actually crap and loaded with chemicalsand preservative, waffle, pancakes, sausage and pancake on a stick. why don’t you just eat a deep fried Twinkie? Oh my Lord, there’s nothing good in there and you know it. Especially after you pour a half cup of sugar syrup, I mean maple syrup, all over everything. And their teachers wonder why they are all jacked up.

Sometimes the kids will eat Honey Nut Cheerios but I worry that’s not enough to hold them till lunch.

I think my breakfast issues started with my father. When I was little he was in charge of feeding me before I scampered off to 1st grade. He felt popcorn and grapes were the perfect breakfast combo, kind of like cereal and fruit, but different. Or he would fix me my favorite, something I’m sure is deadly but I feed it to my kids too. Cheese Toast With Sliced Up Hot Dogs…that’s yummy stuff in the AM hours.

And what would Dad have? Two raw eggs (ala Rocky)  with a ton of Tabasco sauce. No doubt, that’s the healthiest thing mentioned in this blog. Thanks Dad.