Raging Kids and Blind Parents

rageSandor, who is 12 and I sat on the couch for almost twenty minutes watching videos on youtube of kids “raging” over video and computer games. There are literally thousands of them.

I learned that “raging” is what they call it when a kid, usually a boy, throws a massive, volcanic temper tantrum, complete with chair throwing, crying, kicking, screaming and cursing over a game. These kids are as young as five and as old and twenty eight and watching their behaviour is astonishing. Parents, if this is going on in your house, you have a problem and need to do something.That kind of behaviour is always unacceptable but over a video game?  Somehow that makes it worse.

There are plenty of kids who can “handle” gaming, it’s just a fun thing they do, it’s not their life and doesn’t get in the way of real life. But more and more I’m hearing about and seeing young men who spend hours and hours locked in their room playing games. I know for some moms, especially with younger boys, it’s an easy baby sitter. When they are playing their games they don’t demand attention, they don’t get in trouble, they don’t argue.

I’m going to walk right in to the propeller blade and say parents, I’m not mad at your kids; I’m mad at you for not being brave enough to take those freaking computers, play stations etc away from them. You know what they are doing isn’t healthy. You didn’t grow up that way.

And if your child is one of those kids that “rages” when somebody interferes with his game or he can’t play….you’ve really screwed up. You never should have let it go so far and now it’s up to you to fix it, or your child will pay the price. You don’t need to feel guilty, just figure out a way to fix it.

Parents, here are some clues so you can spot the problem. If your little boys would rather play on line than go tubing, play lazer tag, hang out with friends, go to a movie, water park or museum….you might have a problem. I know there are some smart games and things to do online but you know that’s not what I’m talking about.

Obviously all kids have some “issues” cause they are human and all of us have messed up in some ways as a parent.  I’m been way to indulgent and way to strict over the twenty seven years. But the ongoing gaming and now “raging” epidemic as absurd.  Giant corporations have figured out how to tap into your son’s brain, how to stimulate and thrill that little boy brain. It’s up to you to save him so he can enjoy real life.

Don’t be afraid of your child’s boredom. When we are bored and day dreaming that’s when some of our most brilliant and creative ideas roll into focus.  If our brain is always busy how can it come up with new ideas?

Anyone who know our family knows I’m not “anti gaming”  Sandor, just like Jack, can play whatever games when he goes to visit friends. They stay up all night and have a good time. that’s fine. We just don’t have them in our house. Right now I’m talking about the boys who spends the bulk of his free time on line. I believe that’s a problem and we owe our kids better.

Let me know if you disagree or agree. And yes, I’m being really judgmental about this because I feel so strongly.

Finally, if you know a book publisher or agent help me out. I really want to find one I just can’t stop playing Minecraft and Candy Crush long enough to look.