Stupid Adults

Dear Adults,        Sometimes you are so stupid I want to hit you in the face with a coffee mug. How can you be so self absorbed and blind?

Lexie has a fifteen year old friend who is very dear to our entire family. She has been part of our world and Lexie’s best friend since 3rd grade. Sadly, Julie is surrounded by adults with enormous problems. Problems with the law, problems with relationships and marriage, and as a result psychological problems. And these adults talk talk talk all the damn time about their problems and unfortunate circumstances.

Julie, is very mature for her age (she’s had to grow up fast) . She listens and counsels and absorbs all their heavy, dank garbage. She worries and frets because she’s totally submerged in all these issues all the time.

 It’s summertime so she doesn’t even get a break during the day. She’s at home with the stupid adults and their problems.

The adults in her life have problems of their own making, they screwed up. And now Julie is swimming in the problem pool with them, 24/7. As a result she’s become depressed…very very depressed.


Just because a kid is mature does not mean adults should tell them all the details of their stupid freakin’ issues and woes. Do not tell them all about your marriage problems. Do not tell them all about your relationship problems. Do not tell them all about your court case and legal issues and if you feel suicidal…don’t lean on a teenager! That’s not fair or right.

Julie should be thinking about cute boys, shoes, her tan line, school, her future, her phone, movies and friends. But she’s not. She’s worrying about the adults in her life because they talk AT her 24 hours a day, they blow up her phone, they text and they talk and talk and talk. She’s sitting in a vat of “other people’s problems” and she’s too kind and caring to tell everybody to shut the hell up.

I have never been more worried about a child in my life.

This Is Very A Serious Problem

I have a problem with cleaning. first, I don’t like it, second, I’m not very good at it. But that’s not my ugliest problem.

When I clean I find stuff, a single lacy glove, a scarf, an 80’s style sweatband. And I put things on as I clean, without realizing it.

 I finished vacuuming this afternoon and realized I looked like Cyndi Lauper. I was wearing one stripey fingerless glove, so I looked like a British pick pocket, plus a Beastie Boys ball cap and a fishing vest covered with flashy lures and ‘. But the living room and bedroom are now, crazy clean.

Still, I was a disturbing mother and wife..    The only solution…in 2012 I’ll try my very best not to clean anymore.

#You have a problem or hate cleaning. write to me damn