Your Smoker’s Hack Is Killing Me

I’m going to gripe about smokers for a moment. I don’t smoke but I love several people that do.

Here’s what’s driving me crazy about them. Around age 40 you guys develop the infamous “smoker’s hack”. It’s that short loud bark like cough most smokers have. Well, I guess because you all get so accustomed to the hack you stop turning your head, covering your mouth or apologizing. You just bark/hack and keep right on going.
I hate it!

The sound of your lungs errupting in the office is making me crazy because it happens almost ever ten minutes. I feel as though I’m living with a walrus.

I have a cold right now and every time I cough, I hope I cover my mouth and say “excuse me”, because it’s rude and annoying to cough in some one’s face.

So you guys, with the freaking, neverending smokers hack, learn a lesson from those of us with a simple, contagious cold. Cover your mouth every time you cough and be polite.

You’ll be coughing for the rest of your life and we’ll have to listen to it so that’s the lease you can do.