Swaggerific and Asstastic, Words I learned in 2010

I love the last few days of the year because every magazine, blog and new broadcast has a list. S I wanted to jump in the fray and make a list of my own.

The new words I learned in 2010. Understand, not all of these are actually new words, the Oxford dictionary just added “frenemy”, and that one has been around since Lindsey Lohan made good movies, right?

So here are some of my new words for 2010

1. Bromance and Brotatt. I didn’t know what a “brotatt” was until my two oldest children went out together and got tattoed together.

2. Swaggerific I suspect this one has been around for years but super cool urban hipsters never tell the middle aged white lady about cool new words. So, i just learned about swaggerific.

3. Madoff’d as in ripped off. That waitress totally madoff’d me.

4. Catastrophizing I love this one becasue I know the person who does this. Catastrophizing is the ability to turn every problem, no matter how minor, into an absolute disaster or catastrophy. “We are out of orange juice. Oh no! we will all die of scurvy!”

5. Asstastic mean terrible.

and finally

6. Mad Mugging…I heard that two years ago but still love it. Mad Mugging means looking all mean and grouchy “Stop mad mugging me right now!”

Yeah, I know, some of these are really old.  But give me a break. I’m the same woman who, when we first got internet and started talking to people via the computer, thought LOL meant “loser on line”.

*Happy New Year,  and don’t forget to eat your blackeyed peas. DH