Meatloaf Can’t Stop Crying…Tonight on Celebrity Apprentice!

I’m re-posting my Celebrity Apprentice blog because I just heard the promo for tonight’s show. THREE PEOPLE WILL BE FIRED AND MEATLOAF CAN’T STOP CRYING. Happy Mother’s Day! I can’t wait and I think the show must be good for me. I look forward to Sunday night like a teenaged girl hungers for her phone after a two hour separation. I get happy thinking about Lil’ John and Star Jones and I deserve to be happy, right?

For two magnificent and decadent hours each week my daughter, Lexie and I, hole up in the bedroom to watch Celebrity Apprentice. We yell at Donald Trump,Star Jones and Gary Busey, we plot and plan and waste two hours of our lives. It’s great.

Watching really stinky tv for a couple of hours is the most delicious thing we do all week. We both know it’s bad tv, we both know it’s a waste of time and everybody else in the house rolls their eyes when Sunday rolls around and we turn on the tv. But it’s so freakin’ fun and it’s the perfect stress relief. As I write these words I can hear all family and child experts sighing, I know I’m supposed to discourage mindless tv watching and celebrity worship but have the heard some of the crazy stuff Gary Busey says?

Like most American families is schedule to the extreme. Alex and I both work full time and right after school the lessons, practices and work outs begin for Sandor and Lex. There’s band, taekwondo, jazz, gymnastics etc, then there’s home work, dinner and showers. But on Sunday nights there’s just a bunch of pillows, snacks and The Donald.

Last week when Trump didn’t fire Gary Busey, we nearly had simultaneous seizures. If Lil’ John says anything, we laugh our butts off cause he’s so smart and funny. LaToya makes us both cringe and we finally decided the right word for her is “vapid”. And last week, during the commercials I made Lex and Sandor watch Meat Loaf videos so they would know something about his rock and roll persona. That’s right, I let my daughter watch “Heaven by the Dashboard Lights”. He was a big fat rockin’ crazy man back then.

I know, a trip to the library, an art project or a hike together might be more wholesome and edifying but you have to find what fits. Sometimes family stress relief comes in the weirdest places. Lil’ John’s hair, Donald Trump’s hair, Gary Busey’s hair. The important thing is to recognize and protect that tasteless and irreplaceable time.