What the Hell Is Going on In The Library?

That’s what I said. What the hell is going on at the library? It’s now a loud and happy place full of cool people. When I was a child the library was dark, dank and nearly death-like. My mom forced us to spend an hour in the library ever Saturday and I was miserable.

Now the library has crazy weird stuff like fishing poles, lap tops and books on MP3 players. My library, The Garland County Library, has gaming tournaments that bring in flocks of teen-aged boys and geeky men, dance classes (I’m going to learn to do the Michael Jackson Thriller dance with my daughter Lexie this month) and they show sweet movies on a giant screen. November is Ice Cube Month. Movies like Anaconda and Three Kings staring Ice Cube (the rapper) are being shown…for free.

And I noticed this today. Lots and lots of minorities use the free computers, which have internet access (no porn though). Most middle-aged, middle-class white people (like me) assume everybody has a computer at home. Guess what, they don’t. So, folks go to the library. I think those are well spent tax dollars.

And guess who works in the library now? The same sort of people who hand you a cup of coffee for $7 at Starbucks. That’s right, hipsters and cool kids work there rather than the razor-thin widow woman with the gray bun, gray skin and bony finger to shush you with.

So this is my endorsment for the library cause I love it. If you love your library make sure you let them know. Take your family, friends and neighbors, vote to give them more money and be nice to the good looking guy with the Harry Potter tattoo when he checks your books out.