Middle Aged Tattoos…eewww

For some reason I keep thinking about tattoos. Do I want one, where in the hell would I put it and the most difficult question to answer…what would I want? Should I fight the urge or not?

I have to wonder why I’m considering a tattoo… now. Obviously I’m going through some  pathetic age related crisis (duh). I want to be young again and all young cool people, I know have tats,including my own crazy cool kids

Next, where would I put it? Location, location location. Obviously it can’t be any place people would see (so what’s the point right?)  the tramp stamp location is out, if I can’t see  the thing it really is pointless. The idea of a boob tattoo sounds pretty dreadful. I wear a lot of sleeveless dresses and shorts so my arms and legs are off limits. I’m running out of parts now. Humm, I guess that leave my hip bone.

I know I don’t want anything generic that I would pick out of a tattoo catalogue. No swirls or crosses or butterflies.  It’s bad enough showing up at a party with the same dress as another woman, imagine having the same tattoo. Yikes.

  This morning I was watching the Rug Rats with Sandor and I thought that might be a fun tattoo.  The kids and I have always loved Tommy and Chucky.  At one point I considered getting Mary, Jack’s, Lexies’ and Sandors’ favorite most precious stuffed animals together (they are all ragged and adorable now) for a group shot, that seemed kind of cute. The word “HampoLand” and “Team Us” has always meant a lot to our entire family, those are “our words” our family philosopy, our safeplace and our joy but I don’t really like word tattoos.  I don’t want to be a bill board or bus bench, I want to be a canvas. Kung Fu Panda would be fun but then I would feel as though Jack Black was sitting on my hip and that’s kind of creepy.

My son Jack has some beautiful tattoos, including our dog Theo’s head.  Yeah, he has a picture of the dog but not his own mother on his arm. But he also has some that  are silly or just plain ugly, there’s one of a naked cat with a speedo doing a little jig. I don’t know what that’s all about.  Mary and Jack have matching “Bro Tatts” from Where the Wild Things Are cause that was one of their favorite books growing up and that’s pretty sweet.

I guess the fact that I have so many unanswered questions means it’s not time and honestly, is a tattoo gonna make me feel younger? Am I going to go to a club and show it to my friends on the dance floor.

I think for now, I’ll go to Wal-Greens, pick out some yen and yang or barbed wire temporary tattoos and let Sandor decorate my leg.

If you have any ideas let me know, or better yet send me a picturer. And remember, love your blogger.