Super Stupid Snacks…I Mean Super Healthy Snacks

Yesterday on Yahoo there was a story about  healthy and yummy snacks we’re not eating. Well, I think snacks make everything better and I wish I liked the really healthy ones, so I clicked.

I don’t know who the author thought they were talking to or writing for but obviously not the folks in Fountain Lake, Arkansas. Their healthy and delicious snacks were ridiculous, crazy expensive and most of them didn’t have artificial coloring so they were weird looking.

First on the list Raw Organic Kale Chhips, they are green and made by monks at the Detroit Zen Cente. Detroit Monks Really? What kind of hoodies do those guys wear when they make Kale Chips. 3 ounces for 16 bucks, now those are some very expensive freakin’ chips and did I mention they are green and made out of KALE.

Need a healthy meat snack? Try the Texas Wild Boar Sausage because a plain old pig just wont do. $17 dollars for 6 oz. Humm sausage that costs $34 dollars pound.  But I love Jimmy Dean and it’s pure pork too.

And finally, one of the only snacks that wasn’t absurdly expensive? Seaweed Snacks, yeah, that’s the stuff the floats on top of the ocean. Yum Seaweed Snacks….I just like saying it over and over. Actually it’s are supposed to be a super food that helps me live to be one of those old Asian people in National Geographic.

You know, I’d love to buy healthy snacks for my kids but after I buy these snacks the only other thing I’ll be able to afford is generic Mac & Cheese so the bad will certainly outweigh the good. Forget it, instead of Kale Chips I’ll get some grapes and call it a day.

But, if any one wants to send me some Seaweed Snacks I’d be grateful.