Oh My Lord, don’t Look Behind the Couch

I haven’t moved the couch in the living room in over a week. Today, I’m alone in the house and decided it was time. Damn…what a collection of stuff.

Of course there’s cat and dog hair but I found two test tubes full of green/gray slime from Sandor’s Dr. Demento kit.  He’ been trying to find a cure for peole with gas, but in our house we call it “popping”.  No luck yet.

There was some of his homework. Homework we did, but was never handed in. That explains the frowny faces from his teacher.

I found two guitar picks, a very nice empty wallet I don’t recognize. Have my kids been mugging people and hiding the evedence behind the couch? Maybe it’s a pretty good plan.

The four of clubs and ten of spades were both back there, explaining my exceptionally poor luck playing  solataire this week. I thought I just sucked.

A pink bra I’ve been looking for since Wednesday.

Three nerf bullets, a single flip flop, two dirty sock, a go-gert wrapper, a checker and a pair of tongs. I can’t explain those. I also found my long lost Keb Mo cd.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone and I’m kind of embarassed to ask. If the answer is no I don’t know what I’ll use an excuse.

 But I’m thinking if I wait two weeks to look behind the couch next time I might find the holy grail or the body of Jimmy Hoffa. could be interesting and maybe it’ll payoff.