Very Gay Michael Said I’m Hot… So I Must Be!

Guys, you don’t even need to bother with this one.

Last week my uber gay, former hair stylist, saw me in the store and said, “you look fabulous”.

This was absolutely the greatest compliment I’ve received in months and months and months, for several reasons.

1. Michael, who has  gages in his ears the size of New Jersey, is brutally and ridiculously honest, if he didnt’ think my hair or make up looked good he would have flicked my bangs and said, “Woman, you need to come see me.” He can’t lie.

2. He’s super duper gay so that makes the compliment even better because Michael notices every detail.  If I dye my hair Easter bonnet blue, there’s a fifty:fifty chance my husband won’t notice, cause he’s a guy and he doesn’t really look at things. Michael on the other hand, notices ever detail, eyebrow arch, lip liner, and root length.  And he says I look fabalous! How awesome is that?

Part two, Michael is gay, so he doesn’t want to have sex, he has no underlying motive. 

3. Michael is my FORMER stylist, he’s better off if I look awful.  And he probably wants my business back cause I’m a decent tipper, still he complimented my look.

I got in the car and checked myself out  in the mirror, holy cow, I must be hot, cause Michael said so!

Men Want Hot…It’s Just A Fact and It Kind of Sucks

I know so many 45-55 year old men who would give up both their pinkies fingers to be with a 25 year old woman. They would book a room in a heart beat cause that’s the way guys are. For most men, youth is the hottest attribute and the most fleeting, once it’s gone, it’s soo gone.

When I look at 25 year old men I think, wow, he’s go nice skin but…

The men on the other hand, do not care that the 25 year old hottie doesn’t care what’s going on in the Middle East, doesnt’ know who James Taylor is, they only tip ten percent and they don’t get most jokes. Yeah, she’s got nice skin and pretty teeth but…

Men need and and want something different. I understand why and what they want, intellectually but it’s just not the same. When men watch stripers and pole dancers they actually want them. When most (not all) women watch the Chippendale dudes it’s fun and silly but we don’t actually want to carry those young men home because they are youthful morons.

I’m gonna say it and you can howl if you want to. Most men don’t actually care if a woman is smart. Yeah, they want smart friends to talk to and they want their wives and girl friends to be smart if they plan on keeping them around for more than a couple of years…but hot is better than smart for most.

I guess the old adage is true, “man just need a place and women need a reason”.

I can’t beat guys up too much for being focused on youth and hot, becasue they are genetically programed to be that way. It’s actually not their fault. I get it, but not really…