Animal Crackers In The Bath Room…When Grown Children Come To Visit

What happens when grown up kids come home to visit? The exact same stuff that happened when they were nine years old and got to hang out alone in the house after school.

One of my big kids recently came home, I knew he/she was home because there were empty Gogurt containers on the mouse pad, next to the computer.

I knew they were home because someone ate Animal Crackers in the bathroom and left the empty bag on the counter.

I knew they had been home, though their car was gone, because the house was an inferno  and the tv was on, really really really loud. MTV, some reality show with beautiful people, boys with shaved chests and girls with amazing boobs.

And the orange juice was on the counter.

Things are a mess and I love it so much when my great big beautiful grown children come home. They play Uno and 4-wheeler football with 8 year old Sandor. They make me listen to new music, show me pictures of facebook,  do Lexie’s hair and make up and tell me how great my pot roast is and they snuggle. So grown children, leave those sticky Gogurt tubes anywhere you want just keep coming home and hugging us.