How To Achieve Your Goals, No Matter How Silly

My problem right now is….I Don’t Have Any Goals. And that’s pretty tragic. I’m a great believer in setting goals, actually writing them down, then trying to get there. It doesn’t matter if your goal is simple like ‘vacum the house once a week”, or run a mile in less than 10 minutes, or if it’s deeper and more long terms like “Be a Better friend and Talk To God Every Day.”

You have to have goals to be happy, otherwise, you never know where you are going in life. When I leave the house in my car I generally know where I’m going.

But right now I’m just floating miserably. I don’t have any goals. I just exist and get through each day. It stinks.

Here’s what I do know about goals. According to most studies only 15 percent of Americans have set goals. The rest of us are just floating like jellyfish. And of those 15 percent only five percent of us write our goals down.  Here’s the kicker. If you write your goals down, (lose ten pounds, learn to make cornbread, pay off my credit card debt) you are almost 200% more likely to achieve success.

So…don’t be a jelly fish, write down your goals, know what you are aiming for and have a good day.