That Gentleman Is An Ass!

Guys you need to read this because it might save you from being an ass. Girls, you need to read this so you can spo tan ass, a faux, fake,jackedj-up gentle men when he asks you out.

The world is full of men who act like gentlemen…sometimes, but they are actually “posers” and jerk-faces.

Here are some signs you can look for so you can distinguish between a true Gentleman and an ass.

1. The faux gentleman will hold the door open for you when you are in public and people are watching but when you are alone he drops it in your face. One way to fix that  bad habit, get to the door first then stop, wait for him to open it, then walk in first. And make sure you say thank you, praise good behaviour and manners, it’s like paper training a puppy.

2. The Gentleman/Ass will tip well when everyone at the table is looking at him, that’s when he leaves 25 percent. But when he eats lunch alone and the waitress is excellent but buck toothed or chubby, he leaves 10 percent. I don’t know how to fix that so just get away from him.

3. Is he smarmy(one of my favorite words).When he’s trying to impress people are his manners too polished to the point of being over the top and slimy? But when he’s talking to the check-out  boy at Wal-Mart  does he act like a chicken butt jerk face?  Then your gentleman is actually an ass and you need to run away.

Personally, I think the guy that pretends to be a gentleman is the most pathetic and far more annoying than a full time jerk.  The Lame-o genuinely thinks he’s fooling people and impressing them with has style and etiquette but the truth is anyone who can’t see through his tissue paper facade isn’t really worth impressing.