There’s A Boob On TV!

Last night Lexie, Sandor and I were watching a movie, the old Clash of the Titans, and suddenly, there on the screen….was a boob!

A mother was nursing her baby and her breast was completely exposed, dark nipple and all, and Sandor, who is 8, almost fell off the bed.

“It’s a boob, and it’s hanging out!” he squealed.

Lex started laughing and I tried to stay cool because it’s just a body part right? A woman’s breast, it’s not anything dirty or horrible. “Yeah, it’s a breast, Sandor. She’s breast feeding her baby,” I said in my best grown up voice.

“But it’s a boob,’ he yelled, jumping up and down on the bed. I couldn’t tell if he was horrified and happy. “and it’s right there! I’ve got to go tell Dad”. He was obviously disappointed in our reaction and knew exactly who would respond appropriately.  Another man of course.

Well, that’s the whole story and pretty much says it all. Alex of course was almost as delighted as his 8 year old son because THERE”S A BOOB and men never really change, do they?