The Ultimate 2011 Diet Tip! It’s Not Really Gross

 I’ve got the ultimate weight loss solution for 2011! I came up with it this morning after listening to dozens of diet tips on on morning news shows.

You don’t have to drink 18 glass of water a day or eat two pineapples. You don’t have to ad flax seed (what ever that is) to your oatmeal milk shake or stay on the treadmill for an hour a day.

The ultimate weightloss tip….eat anything you want…naked in front of a mirror.

I swear this will work. Take off all your clothes then put a chair in front of a full length mirror. Think how devastatingly hot you’ll look shoving a  Sonic chili cheese dog in your mouth. And don’t forget the tots. Keep an eye on your naked self and I doubt you’ll get more than three bites down.

Ok, you’re  in mood for something sweet. Fine, fix yourself a giant bananna split, all the whipped cream and chocolate syrup you can stand. Then sit down completely naked and take a bite. A little chocolate drops on one of your fat rolls. Stay right there and see how much of that bad boy you can eat.

Sadly, when you are naked, it’s impossible not to look at your softest, rolliest, fattest parts of your body, right?

So that’s it, the ultimate 2011 diet tip. You don’t need special foods or exercise equipment to loose the pounds. And the results, well, there they are right there in front of you!