Stupid Stupid California

hot girl laserCalifornia is currently suffering one of the worst droughts since the 1970s. Things were so bad back  then folks had to keep a bucket with hem when they showered then use that water to flush toilets and water plants.

This year they are suffering catastrophic wild fires and crops are dying because of the rainfall shortage.


Some of the biggest brains in the world live in California. Some of the most technologically advanced companies and scientists  are right there, in California.  You guys have created all sorts of remarkable, brilliant and stupid stuff…but you can’t figure out this water problem.

Because of Silicone Valley I can put a GPS tracking device in my dog, my kid and my car so I never lose them.

Doctors have figured out how to make sixty year old women look thirty in California.

You guys have given me the ability to keep a computer in my pocket that turns off all the lights at my house, starts my car , tells me I’m fat and need to work out and reminds me to pick up my child from school.

I’m pretty sure California was in on the development of laser systems that can blast asteroids out of space and correct my eye sight with Lasik surgery.

When all my cell phone contacts were lost and gone forever it was Google that found them and made them magically appear on my phone.

But you can’t figure out how to fix the water shortage in your own state? Listen you uber-tan dumb- ass Californians, there’s the Pacific ocean sitting right  next to you. It’s the largest body of water on the planet, 63 million square miles. Use your big ass brains to start desalinating some water and take care of your crops.  If the price of orange juice jumps up to ten dollars a gallon I’m gonna be mad.

How complicated can water desalination be, even on a massive scale? American scientists and computer geeks have managed to tap every phone in the country, they’ve created a car that parks itself and they put a rover on Mars…how hard can this be for you guys?

So stop playing around with your nano-technology, get your head out of Google’s cloud, quit arguing about dark matter and the NSA and make me a decent glass of drinking water.