Revolting and Delicious Dinner

My idea was pretty simple. Crescent Roll night.  We would eat anything we could roll up in a crescent roll…who doesn’t like that ? I had two ideas in mind, hot dogs of course and asparagus with Swiss cheese, and maybe a ham and cheese roll up. Easy breezy and the little boys Sandor (9 years old), Kyle (10 years old) and Edie (24 years old) could help after they washed their grubby little monkey paws.

Before going to the store I decided to text my oldest daughter Mary(23), my oldest son, Jack(25) and Edie.

“Any ideas on stuff to put in a crescent roll for dinner?”

Their ideas came back instantly and were so perfect, bizarre and possibly delicious.  Weird thing though, their suggestions matched their personalities. You know how dogs end up looking like their owners? Well apparently it works with Crescent Rolls too.

Eddie is a guitar playing, truck driving, bourbon drinking boy who grew up in the tiny town of Alread, Arkansas where the average income is 24000 dollars per year.  Eddie, who is a pilot, wrote back BBQ Chicken.Of course, Eddie is a BBQ kind of guy.  Yup, that would work in a Crescent Roll. And I had some left over from the night before.

Mary is a senior in college and she’s about to start applying to graduate programs. Right now she works for the Clinton Foundation in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is driven and silly and has georgous clothes. Mary’s idea: tomatoes and pesto with a little extra olive oil. That’s Mary: healthy sophisticated and fresh, in more than one  way.

Finally I got Jack’s suggestion. The text said, “Mini Milky Way, trust me, it’s delicious.” Of couse. Jack lives in Nashville and has an ridicously good country rock band called Natural Outlaw ( ). The band is like eating biscut and gravy with a glass of whiskey. He smokes a lot of pot, makes a lot of money and  stays up late. he’s also a really good cook. Of course he’s tried putting a Milky Way in a Crescent Roll. He was right. It was outrageously good for dessert.

Dinner was wonderful and kind of absurd And if you ever really want to understand somebody, just ask them what you should wrap up in a Crescent Roll.