He’s Got His Hand In His Pants….Again

Here’s the question all women want to ask. Why do guys always have their hands in their pants? It’s a really strange thing to do in front of people. But everyone who is married or had a boyfriend or brother knows that’s exactly what they do…all the time.

Lying on the couch watching tv…the hand goes south,

Standing on the porch, drinking a coke, his left hand is checking on the situation in his pants.

Brushing his teeth with his right hand, the left is warming up in his boxers.

I honestly believe half the time guys don’t even realize they have their hands full, it just happens.

Men, how weird would it be if women stood around with our hand in our panties all the time. Pretty strange visual, huh?

The hand in the pants habit seems to happen a little later in life but I’m not exactly sure when. Little boys don’t need to cup their jewels quite as often.  Maybe they would do it too more if they didn’t have moms  barking like a walrus  every time a hand started moving in that direction.

This week I decided to simply ask a few men why they do it and the two answeres they repeated were “It feels good”, and “It feels natural or comforting”. Some were willing to tell me exactly what they were doing down there but I don’t feel the need to share that information with you.

Guys, I’m not going to ask you to stop. I  don’t think you can and you’ve probably been doing it for thousands of years. But please, take a look around the room. If you’re not alone just put your hand in your pocket. Then at least your in the right neighborhood but you’re not freaking anyone out. As my friend at work said, “Stop checking on it, that things not going anywhere”.

Leave a comment even if you like the hand in the pants look.