A Deal With Hampoland Readers

I love the people who read hampoland.com.  Last week I hit  100,000 page views. I find that utterly astonishing. I wrote a book 14 years ago, Invisible Branches, and I think it sold 600 copies. You can buy it on e-bay for  $2.50 and sometimes I find copies at yard sales. I like it when the pages are worn and dog eared. that tells me people read my words.

Ok, back to my deal with you, my invisible readers. Every three or four blogs you will notice I write about something even more bizarre than usual and these weird blog includes hyperlinks. I’m confessing to you, companies sometimes pay me to write blogs about their crap. Crazy right? My most recent offer came from BET.com. All I have to do is write about rap or hip hop and link it to BET.com. Why do they want a middle aged white lady in Arkansas to write about rap and hip hop? Beats me. I guess they are trying to expand them demographic. here’s what i know. I liked Lil’ John on Celebrity Apprentice. He was brilliant and funny and I liked his hair.

Sometimes I turn the companies down.  Yesterday they wanted me to write about a product that helps you quit smoking. But when I googled them there were hundreds of complaints.  It was a quit smoking scam. 

I’m like everybody else. I really really really need to make a buck. But I don’t want you to feel as though I sold you down the river (I just realized that’s a racially insensitive figure of speech).  Even when I do write a blog for a company I’ll try to make it at least moderately interesting and please don’t feel obligated to click on any link. 

The last thing I don’t want to turn you into “click whores”. So, for every three blogs I write You’ll probalby run into a “sponsored post”. Please don’t give up on me and thanks for reading and I love you.