Alana and Lexie asked me to write about pole dancing…yes I was concerned, becaue they are only 14. But I was also flattered because they had a blog request….pole dancing….artistic pole dancing.

So, I watched a bunch of pole dancing videos and here are my thoughts

1. I like the pole dancers with the hats. How do they keep them from falling off? Hats make everything better, from rodeo riders to state troopers. Hats make you more.

#2 Pole dancing that’s artistic and not the striping variety, kind of gets boring and repetitive. lLeg up, leg downs, legs out, arch back, wave hand, dangle upside down so hair looks magnificent. They do the same thing all the time, beautiful gymnastics and dancing while keeping one hand on a pole.  Here’s the thing, when stripping pole dancers are doing their thing they take off their clothes so there’s an end result.

#3 Tehre are a bunch of professional pole dancers world wide who want it to be named an Olympic sport. Wait, there’s already a sport where women handgupside down and do the splits and it’s called gymnastics. And trust me, if you put one of those 14 year old, 90 pound olympic gymnists on a pole, they would scamper up and down that thing like a spider monkey on crack.  I think the “artistic pole dancers” who want to get into the Olympics are just looking for a way to get the grown women competing. There are already plenty of poles in the Olympics they are just horizontal and they are called the paralle bars and the ballance beam. And the Poles from Poland of course.)

If you combine pole dancing and gymnastic it’s called polebatics.

There are local ads posted on some of the pole dancing videos on youtube, so my local Nissan dealer thinks I’m looking at Pole Dancers…interesting. Hey, this  ARTISTIC pole dancing…not stripping no tipping.