Dirty Deeds Make Me Cry

I was lifting weights when I heard the song and started crying. Half way through my third set of bench presses  I heard the opening power cords of AC/DCs Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. I instantly started tearing up.

 I took a deep breath. That smoking hot ridiculoulsly sleazy rock and roll anthem makes me cry every time.

Nine years ago I was pregnant with Sandor. In the middle of the work day I felt funny, went to the doctor and he said, “Holy Cow, there’s about to be a baby.”

“Can I  get my purse out of the car.”

“No you may not, call you husband and get him up here.”  My handsome young doctor grinned at me.

It was a C-Section and Alex barely made it to the hospital fast enough. We were in the operating room  holding hands.  He looked so cute in his baby blue scrubs. My body was completely numb but my head was still wide awake, so we were chatting away with the nurses.

The doctor was working away on me. Alex squeezed my hand in both of his.  I was grinning like a goof ball. Then the handsome doctor said, “Would you like some music right about now? We’re almost there.”

I was extatic and nervous and scared and I remember my mouth was really dry. The surgical lights were blinding. I nodded my head, “That would be great.”

The doctor nodded to the nurse who fumbled with a CD player and then, just as the doctor pulled Sandor from my body, my magnificent and beautiful baby boy took his first breath, and we all heard  Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap slamming through the speakers. My child was literally loosing brain cells before they cut the cord.  I was expecing some high faluting classical music, not Angus in his stupid little shorts prancing around. Where was smy Mozart? My Bach? I got freakin’ Diry Deads, what was next, Highway to Hell or Blue Balls?

Every one started laughing, Alex and were crying and laughing and for some reason no one thought to turn off the CD player for at least 45 seconds. “If you’re having trouble with the high school head…..” You know the rest

The first sounds my magical  son heard, our first seconds together in this world, included AC/DC and Angus Young

So I start crying, just a little, every time I hear that rock monster.  I’m right back there in the operating room, holding my husband’s hand and looking at my beautiful baby boy for the first time.

Go on, listen to it now, I know you want to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_t5GPbp5IY

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