Lexie’s Greatest Hits

It’s my daughter, Lexie’s, 15th birthday. That means it’s time to celebrate and embarrass her all in one blog.

Lexie’s Greatest Hits

Jack and Mary were in 4th and 5th grade when Lexie was born. I have wonderful pictures of that day.  Jack and Mary are nearly sitting on top of each other, grinning and laughing,  Mary is obviously squeezing Jack’s leg she is so excited, they are waiting for the doctors to bring her out.

Until she was almost two years old, Lex was a really, really fat little baby. I can say that now because she’s not fat anymore. She had crazy rolls of chub on her legs and her daddy worried. We called her “Buddha Pest”, because she looked like a Buddha and was sometimes a pest. This joke was even more appropriate because Alex is Hungarian.

The kids made up a song for Lexie, “She’s fat and she’s round and she wiggles all around, Heeeyyy Lexarina.”

Mary hated leaving Lexie alone in her crib, so I would find her sometimes, reading to her in the middle of the night.  Lex was sleeping but Mary was still there, keeping an eye on her.

When Lexwas three or four she started wearing red cowboy boots…everywhere…all the time. She wore those boots with her swimming suit, with her Halloween costume, to church and too school. she actually wore out the first pair and we had to get her another. I use those boots as bookends now.

When she was three she would sometimes melt down, throw a fit and one night, when her dad said “no” to something she fell to the ground.  When he tried to pick her up she did that worm thing kids do. She went limp, slid out of his arms and continued crying and screaming.  Alex was just about to spank her when 12 year old Jack bowed up on him for the first time in his life.  He stood up tall and was ready to fight Alex, right there in the kitchen, if he spanked Lexie the Worm.

When she was five she invented a place called “Lexie World”. We were constantly given Lexie World updates. Strangely, pop star Shakira was her sister in Lexie World and she didn’t have a mom in that special and wonderful place. That kind of hurt my feelings.

We were never allowed to call people “fat” at home. But one day, Lexie came home from school crying. She got into the car and began to wail. She was five at the time. I looked at her beautiful tear stained face. “What’s wrong honey?”
“I used the “F Word” today. I’m so sorry.”
Oh my gosh, my baby girl used the F Word, I thought I would die.
Then she said, “I told Heather her cat was fat.”
I was so relieved.
And now Lexie is 15. She is beautiful, elegant and silly.  Tonight is Homecoming and she’s going to the dance wearing enormous black heels.  I love her so much.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.