Your Stupid Head

Dear People,

This week I think I recognized one of the puzzle pieces for “happiness.”

GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD! Thinking about your self, your feelings, your lack of interest…all of that leads to sadness, disappointment and gloom.

Stop watching Netflix and wondering why your not happy. Stop staring at your phone and thinking about how sad you are. Put on some real pants (not pajama pants) and freaking do something, do anything!
Ideas for things you, a human, can do that might help get you out of your own head.

1. Lie down in the grass and look up at the sky. (it’s been a while, right?)
2. Put on some boxing gloves and punch something.
3.Go for a walk, maybe down town, or a hike and don’t let your self look at your phone for 30 minutes. Don’t even take a picture and surreptitiously check your text messages.
4, Volunteer somewhere. That’s maybe the best for “getting out of your own head” cause it’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you are helping someone with less, a lot less. Worry about someone else instead of yourself for a hour.
5. Fill up some water balloons and throw them at someone or something, even if it’s just the side of your house or your car. (Then please pick up the rubber balloons off the ground. They are bad for the environment.)
6. Ride a bike. Sure, it’s been years and years but you can do it and there is joy in bike riding. There’s even a place in downtown Hot Springs that rents bikes for ten bucks an hour. (fancy bikes or bikes with no gears just a bell and a basket) And you can ride around where it’s flat and there aren’t any traffic lights. Check out Hot Springs Bicycle Touring.
7. Dance, do a somersault, eat some watermelon.

I don’t know a lot but I do know sitting at home thinking about your self rarely leads to a full and exciting life. So stop it. Life is pretty good once you get outside your head.

Hot Springs Rotarians Learn about Women

Ann Stell on The Back of The Couch

Recently Liz Robbins at the Garland County Historical Society discovered an article written in the Sentinel Record. My mom, Ann Stell McDaniel, spoke to the Rotary Club at the Arlington Hotel. According to the paper 25 men were present including Ray Smith Sr., Congressman Norrell and Rotary President J. King.
For those who don’t know anything about my mother she was a beautiful, unconventional firebrand.
The article was entitled “Rotarians Hear Woman’s Side in Battle of Sexes”

“Mrs. McDaniel, frequently heard on radio and television is the wife of Architect I. Granger McDaniel. She covered her subject with quotations from Genesis down through Shakespeare and Dorothy Parker.
“If we sometimes seem to have an inferiority complex,” she said, “just remember that the creation of woman was done in an awful hurry.
“God took an entire day to create the birds and said that was good. He took another day to create the fishes, and called that good, but man was not satisfied. So God created woman one afternoon while Adam was asleep.”
Her them was that woman’s entire life is wrapped up in pleasing man and she quoted a sheaf of magazine articles such as “Are you Keeping up With your Husband?” To prove it,as well as tracing various fashion trends she had undergone to make herself attractive.
“Man, has seen no need for changing himself,” she said. “Go down on Bath House Row and see him wrapped in a sheet and there is very little difference from the garb of a Roman senator.”
Spiced with rich humor and histrionic ability, her talk was a novelty that rated high in Rotary entertainment.”

The date was Wednesday, September 21… 1955.
She was something.

Things Are Different in Fountain Lake

A Recent Addition At A Motorcycle Shop
This is fairly new to the neighborhood. It’s parked outside a motorcycle repair store on Highway 5.

I’ve lived in the community of Fountain Lake, Arkansas with my husband for 25 years. It’s about ten miles outside of Hot Springs.

Fountain Lake is on Highway 5/Park Avenue, which used to be the old Little Rock Highway. For more than 150 years (I’m guessing) wagons, stagecoaches then cars traveled to and from from the state capital on Highway 5/Park Avenue.

All this to say, Highway 5 is one of the oldest roads in the area. And it shows.

Nice Windows, Nice Door…No Roof

Everyday for 25 years I’ve driven past all kinds of unusal/funky and quirky landmarks in Fountain Lake. Some old, some newer…but all of them are beautiful, interesting or weird.

I believe Fountain Lake is  different than  other Garland County Communities. Kids who grow up in this area generally stay here and their kids go to Fountain Lake.

Often times we are a little suspicious of new folks.  We have lots of churches, one bar Buzz Too but the heart of the community is the school and the Shell Station at the Junction of Highways 5 and 7.  For a long long time that gas station was called David and David’s, and still is by old timers.   And the ladies that worked at David and David’s seemed to have a pretty tight clique that favored men.  It took me a long time to gain acceptance at the gas station when I first moved in with Alex.  But the ladies loved him!

Most of us have driven past all of these locations so many times we really don’t pay much attention.

Fountain Lake, it’s really kind of different out here.

A failed pizza joint that tried to turn into an Escape Room. For a while there was no “e” on the big escape room sign. This is what it looks like now. A little creepy. But it’s right there on the side of the road.


Arbordale was a terrific swimming destination in the 30s and 40s, with docks, diving boards, paddle boats. People danced to live music back in the day!
Arbordale was a terrific swimming destination in the 30s and 40s, with docks, diving boards, paddle boats. People danced to live music back in the day!
Fountain Lake used to have a Motel! This sign still stands on the side of the road across from the Fountain Lake Middle School.
I just love these mailboxes across the street from the school. Not sure who’s they were.


I really don’t know what this sign means. Either they have questions or maybe answers.


I absolutely  love that this big tent pops up several times a year, right in front of the bar, Buzz Too for a church revival, and after the revival it sometimes turns into a fireworks stand!