About Diana McDaniel Hampo & Hampoland

Hi there.

My name is Diana McDaniel Hampo, my husband is Alex. We have four kids. and live in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Jack is about to turn 25, Mary is 23, Lexie is 16 and Sandor is just 10. Crazy right? But it works for us. We have five red-neck acres and two dogs in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Alex is a professional chef and I work for a radio station. We never have enough money or time but here we are, happy in Hampoland.

I published a novel, Invisible branches, a few years ago. It got great reviews and I think sold 643 copies.  I picked up one for myself this summer at a yard sale. I think I’m almost brilliant at least fifty percent of the time. And sometimes advertisers ask me to write blogs and they pay me. But I promise I’ll never miss-lead you.

I hope you enjoy Hampoland. We have a pretty good time.

Please e-mail me anytime at hampoland@gmail.com.  I love comments.