Your Stupid Head

Dear People,

This week I think I recognized one of the puzzle pieces for “happiness.”

GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD! Thinking about your self, your feelings, your lack of interest…all of that leads to sadness, disappointment and gloom.

Stop watching Netflix and wondering why your not happy. Stop staring at your phone and thinking about how sad you are. Put on some real pants (not pajama pants) and freaking do something, do anything!
Ideas for things you, a human, can do that might help get you out of your own head.

1. Lie down in the grass and look up at the sky. (it’s been a while, right?)
2. Put on some boxing gloves and punch something.
3.Go for a walk, maybe down town, or a hike and don’t let your self look at your phone for 30 minutes. Don’t even take a picture and surreptitiously check your text messages.
4, Volunteer somewhere. That’s maybe the best for “getting out of your own head” cause it’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you are helping someone with less, a lot less. Worry about someone else instead of yourself for a hour.
5. Fill up some water balloons and throw them at someone or something, even if it’s just the side of your house or your car. (Then please pick up the rubber balloons off the ground. They are bad for the environment.)
6. Ride a bike. Sure, it’s been years and years but you can do it and there is joy in bike riding. There’s even a place in downtown Hot Springs that rents bikes for ten bucks an hour. (fancy bikes or bikes with no gears just a bell and a basket) And you can ride around where it’s flat and there aren’t any traffic lights. Check out Hot Springs Bicycle Touring.
7. Dance, do a somersault, eat some watermelon.

I don’t know a lot but I do know sitting at home thinking about your self rarely leads to a full and exciting life. So stop it. Life is pretty good once you get outside your head.