Loving Two Sams

I have had the honor of loving two Sams in my life. They made me laugh and cry and wonder. This is the story of my beloved Sams.

Sam A. grew into one of the finest men I’ve ever known. His family was kind of a mess when he was little, six or seven. So Sam A, with his curly blond hair, spent a lot of time with us, along with his beautiful big brother. We listened to a lot of Jimmy Buffet and snuggled on the couch with a giant stuffed Elmo doll.

Sam A. grew up and was my daughter’s, Alexis, first love. I trusted him with my beautiful girl because Sam A. became a young man of unerring integrity. He had a moral compass that was golden and unyielding. He always chose what was right.

For almost twenty years smiling Sam A. was a crucial and pivotal part of our family.

Sam A. taught us all to close any knife we opened, to  bring a treat for the family dogs and to always do what was right. No questions, just do what was right. He was rare.

Sam G. was a super skinny little boy when we met him. He was one of my son’s, Sandor, best friends from second grade. Sam G. had swoopy blond hair, a brilliant grin and he didn’t talk much. But he hugged.

Sam G. had a pretty messy family life so he stayed at our house at least four days a week. Sam G. was part of our family, he ate dinner with us, went to foot ball practice. I took him to get his physical every year and he had his own drawers. He talked to us but not many others because he didn’t trust many others.

Sam A’s curly blond hair turned brown. But his integrity and and honor stayed gold. He graduated from college and in his very early twenties took his own life. The weight of that moral compass was too much, I think.

Sweet Sam G is a big ol teen ager now. He’s moved to another city to get away from bad kids and that’s a good thing. I hadn’t heard from him in a couple of months, which hurt my heart. I always worry about Sam G. , pressure, forces and good decisions.

This past Sunday I was missing Sam A. so much. And I texted his old phone. “I miss you, buddy.”

An hour latter some dude called me. He said that was his brothers phone now. I explained things. He listened then asked me to delete the number.

Just four or five minutes latter my phone dinged. It was a text. “Hey Miss Diana, It’s Sam. This is my new number. I love you and I’m doing good.” There was a picture of Sam G and his cute new girl friend. His long blond hair is brown now. But he looked so good.

Maybe big Sam A. is helping my Sam G. Guiding, nudging offering him a look at that beautiful shining moral compass.

I will love you guys forever. Thank you.