My Pet Freaking Peeves in the Grocery Store

groceriesThere are days I leave Wal-Mart with shaking hands and doubting humanity. What’s wrong with people and why do they do the dumbest most inconsiderate stuff while shopping.

My pet freaking peeves:

1. Cashier, when you are bagging my groceries please don’t put three cans of dog food with the grapes, tomatoes and bananas.  Do you hate me? Do you want me to have a miserable life? Apparently so. My question is….do you do that to your own produce or just mine? And you’re a grown ass woman, you know better.

2. Lazy people rolling up and down the isles in the battery powered carts….when there’s nothing wrong with them.  I see you in the parking lot, chasing you grand child, chasing a quarter rolling between the cars, trotting toward you friend for a big hug. But you get in the store and ride in a cart cause you’re LAZY. Some of you guys…I know there’s nothing wrong…you just don’t want to walk! Then you act all entitled, as though you are royalty and were supposed to leap out of the way so you can pass. Or you stop in the middle of the isle, for twenty minutes, while you text your sister and nobody can get around you.

3. Ladies, why do you run into a friend and you both park your carts right in front of the milk while you catch up. I stand staring at you, praying you’ll scoot over so I can grab a half gallon of one percent milk. But you are so engrossed in your conversation you don’t even  notice. Get out of my way…go do that in front of the men’s underwear section. There’s never anyone there.

4. It happens to everyone, sometimes you start picking out apples and suddenly…boom. There’s a produce landslide. Apples are bouncing across the floor endangering children and old people and getting really bruised.  And then you just walk away. How can you do that? Stop and  clean up your mess.  But put the abused apples in a bag, not back on top of the pile. Don’t ruin every bodies’ apple experience.

5. Parents, stop being mean to your children in the store, especially when they are in the shopping cart.  It makes you look like a horrible ass and I’m pretty sure yelling at a kid and smacking them will not make them stop crying or cheer them up.

And finally #6.  Did you realize by the time you get home you have to touch your groceries 6 times!.1.put things in cart 2.put things on cashier belt 3. put bags back in cart 4.put bags in car 5. get bags out of car 6 put stuff away. No wonder I hate my food by the time it’s all finished.


There are some things I like when I go shopping.

I like when I make a face at a baby and they laugh.

When I’m walking in and somebody says…”here, take my cart.”

When I have two items and the lady with 78 lets me get in front of her.

When there are fruit samples, so I don’t  end up with a bag of apples that taste and feel like the recently bounced across the produce section.

I feel better now.

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