The Beauty of Breakfast

banannaBreakfast, most of us have habits we are comfortable with.  Mornings are the most predictiable time of our day.  In the radio world the morning drive is a lot more expensive because you’re likley going to reach the same listeners every day. In the mornings most of us are creatures of habit. We do most things in the same order everyday. We wake up, brush our teeth, get some coffee, read, shower, watch the news.  It’s the same thing day after day.

Every morning I do something that makes my husband Alex crazy. I take my first cup of coffee into the bathroom, turn on the shower (hot) close the lid on the toilet then sit and read for twenty minutes in the sound proof, steamy bathroom. That’s what makes me happy.

But Alex makes me crazy in the morning too? He gets up two hours before I do and I know he sits in the living room and smokes his first days’ cigarette in the living room.  He’s not supposed to smoke in the house, but I know he does….before I wake up.

The only thing that changes in our house every morning is the breakfast menu. This morning Sandor and Sam had fish sticks with ketchup and sliced tomatoes, yesterday it was pizza bites, the day before Honey Nut Cheerios. Sometimes we have scrambled eggs and sometimes cheese quesadillas with salsa.

My lack of breakfast loyalty comes, I think, from my father.  He was always experimenting at breakfast.  There were protein milk shakes with raw egg, pizza toast with sauce and melted cheese and one of his favorites…popcorn and grapes.  He thought that combination was just like cereal with fruit. Dad even thought steak tar tar with a raw egg and Tabasco was a fine option.

Mornings are so tough, I kind of think you should get to eat what makes you happy, within reason.   If I wake Sandor up and say, “Hey boy, get ready for some awesome buttered toast,” he’d never get out of bed.  But when I say “come try mybanannas and strawberries with chocolate sauce,” he’s all over it.

Personally, I don’t like sweet stuff in the morning. I’d much rather have a taco and hot sauce for breakfast than a donuts. But it’s all abut what makes you happy in the morning. Do what it takes to get out the door. You’ve got the rest of the day to get your fiber and eat salads.


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  1. Let the man have his smoke in comfort just once. Before the others get up. It did not kill you and has not killed them. Give him his 15 minutes in his own home.

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