More Cleaning = Less Lovin’

CLEANAccording to a recent New York Times story the more house work a man does the less “lovin” he gets from his wife.  “Shut the front door!” That was my first reaction.  Common sense tells us a man who helps with house work, cooking and child rearing is a keeper. He’s a thoughtful, tidy guy. Snatch him up women…finally a keeper.

But that doesn’t make him sexy or hot.

This is a really confusing issue.  I love it when I come home and Alex has mopped or made the bed or finished the laundry.  But that doesn’t make him sexy…it makes him sweet and thoughtful.

The truth is, women are hard-wired by GOD  to find and trap Ally Ooop the Cave Man. A guy who can protect us from Wooly Mammoths and purse snatchers. I need him to kill something and bring it home for dinner and protect me from invading hoards, not sweep the cave.

I might love, appreciate and want the guy who cleans the fridge and unloads the dish washer, especially if he doesn’t make gross noises while scratching. But what I  NEED is a man who can provide for my children, change my tire in a hail storm and put complex toys together at 2am on Christmas Eve.

Think back to junior high school. Who got the girls? The dark and dangerous guy or the kid who won the geography bee?

So all is lost for the nice guy? Not really. While the guy who is an insensitive slob might get more carnal love, the guy who helps out around the house has a significantly happier marriage that lasts longer. (Alex I hope you read that last paragraph)

Here’s the solution. Husbands shouldn’t be dusting and  and sorting socks if they want to be sexy. They need to pick more masculine jobs like raking, burning and shoveling snow.  But if they want to have a long, happy and warm life …with a woman….they better get busy with that broom and dust pan.