Dads and Daughters…Who Has the Power?

dadDads out there, you have no idea how powerful you are.  If you have a daughter please know she adores you, she admires you , she worships you and she needs your attention, desperately.  This is true if your baby girl is 2 or 20.

You are the first man she will fall in love with. If you are there for her she probably won’t need an actual boyfriend until she’s in her teens.  If you  tell her she’s pretty and wonderful and smart, she won’t need conformation from a stinky boy for a long time.

If you are a cold  uncaring jerk, if you argue with your daughter constantly and criticize everything she does, she’ll probably find a boyfriend  who fills the gaps you leave before she leaves the school play ground.  Little girls need a man in their life who makes them feel special.  If you don’t do it they will find somebody  who will.

So dads, man up, do your job, hold her hand and tell her how lovely she is. Start when she’s young and you’ll save yourself from a boat load of heart ache and late night worry.

Now, I want to make one point very clear. I’m not telling all you guys to spoil your daughters…rotten. Spoil them with love and attention but not with crap and stuff.  If you buy her a I phone when she’s 7, a new Play Station every month when she’s 10 and a brand new car when she turns 16 YOU ARE AN IDIOT and SETTING HER UP FOR MISERY.  If you spoil her with “stuff” two things will happen.

She will equate love with money and merchandise and she will expect every man she meets and likes to buy her everything she wants. Don’t wreck her life like that, please.

You probably need to consider this too.  If you want your daughter to date and fall in love with good men who treat her with respect, treat her like a lady you should consider how you treat your wife or girl friend. If you’re a jack-ass who yells and screams at your woman, if you are rude, mean and ugly. If you’re a lazy deadbeat, your daughter will probably end up with a dude just like you. You’re telling her how women should be treated.

The  first time a boy friend screams at her or God forbid, slaps her, she will respond one of two ways.  She’ll get out of the car, cry and cry then forgive the guy and take him back. Or she’ll get out of the car, tell the guy if he ever lays a hand on her again she’ll rip his fingers off and eat them and never talk to him again.

How will your daughter respond? It’s on you, that’s how much power father’s have.


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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you sum everything up!! So flippin’ true.. as a single mom with children of divorce, I totally can see this! Again, you are amazingly correct as you get to the point!

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