Parents Tell Your Children This….

sam and sandorSandor has a friend, his best friend, who comes over two or three nights a week.  This little boy, who is also ten, loves hanging out and my food.

Tonight Bob, who is a skinny, skinny young man, ate three serving at dinner. He even ate all the left over sweet potato fries. They were kind of mushy and slimy, but Bob inhaled them.

I love having this kid over and  say yes almost every time he asks to  spend the night, despite the fact he rarely has the right clothes or any money. But that’s ok.  I’ll pay for his lazer tag and we can always find him something to wear.

Why do I like having Bob visit? Because he’s nice and  low maintenance.When I hug him he hugs me back, even lines up for a hug and a “I love you.”  He’s figured out that our family expects to hear “thank you” and” please”  and “yes ma’am” because I’m old school like that. He helps out when there are jobs, even washing garbage cans.   And Bob doesn’t complain when I make the boys go to bed early.
When Lexie was in grade school she had a friend who had awful manners. Her parents were both lawyers. But their money couldn’t buy them a nice kid.  So, they took Lexie everywhere, Disney World to Bourbon Street, because she was pleasant and low maintenance and I think they wanted her positive attitude to rub off on their daughter (who’s a wonderful young woman now).

Parents, it’s up to you to teach your children how to be a good guest. Sandor has lots of friends who might be smarter, have more money, are more talented but Bob, but he’s the one we all want at the house because:

1. He’s appreciative

2. Polite

3. He’s not picky

4.He’s pleasant to have around.

Explain to your children, tell them this, “parents will invite you to go more places if you have good manners and aren’t a pain.”  Kids are smart, they want to get invited. They will appreciate the inside info.

If you raise a smart ass kid who acts like the kids on the Disney Channel, if he’s a “know it all”, “seen it all” child, if he corrects everyone, if she rolls her eyes and sighs….just forget about her ever getting invited over to Hampoland for one of our amazing Ramen Noodle wars or Rocky watching festivals.  If your kid acts like a kid on tv, they simply aren’t cool enough to hang at our house.


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