A Fountain Lake Song with Tattoos and Explosives

jack and theoJack wrote this Fountain Lake, Arkansas/ Fourth of July/ Love Song when he was in Turkey a couple of years ago. I thought all you Cobra kids would appreciate  the story


Tattoos and Fireworks

by Jack Hampo

Well, I woke up this morning with sunglasses on and I don’t remember writin’ this song

and I’ve been laying in this bed too long, can’t quite picking up my old bong.

And I think it’s because I’m afraid of you and what you might do, when you see my new tattoo.

Last night is a haze and I think I know why  I got this empty bottle laying by my side and a bunch of texts about

a double wide and no accomplices in sight.

And I think I broke into a fireworks stand before I got this tattoo on my hand.

So I’m going down town try and figure it out but Highway five is blocked gotta find another route.

I hope this isn’t what i think it’s about.  There’s a trailer in the road with it’s guts blown out.

And I think this tattoo ain’t all that bad,  I blew up your house and that’s why you’ll be mad.

And I’d apologize if you’d ever pick up your phone .

Sorry I blew up your mobile home.




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