Super Gay Michael Said I looked Hot….So it Must Be True!

This is a reprint from a year ago. I read it and laughed so I thought I’d let you have another shot at it.

Last week my uber gay, former hair stylist, saw me in the store and said, “you look fabulous”. This was absolutely the greatest compliment I’ve received in months and months and months, for several reasons. 1. Michael, who has  gages in his ears the size of New Jersey, is brutally and ridiculously honest, if he didn’t’ think my hair or make up looked good he would have flicked my bangs and said, “Woman, you need to come see me.” He can’t lie.

2. He’s super duper gay so that makes the compliment even better because Michael notices every detail.  If I dye my hair Easter bonnet blue, there’s a fifty:fifty chance my husband won’t notice, cause he’s a guy and he doesn’t really look at things. Michael on the other hand, notices ever detail, eyebrow arch, lip liner, and root length.  And he says I look fabulous! How awesome is that?

Part two, Michael is gay, so he doesn’t want to have sex, he has no underlying motive. 

3. Michael is my FORMER stylist, he’s better off if I look awful.  And he probably wants my business back cause I’m a decent tipper, still he complimented my look.

I got in the car and checked myself out  in the mirror, holy cow, I must be hot, cause Michael said so!