Gummy Bears Saving the World

My son’s best friend is named Eddie. He’s 24 years old, a pilot, he’s a grown up with a good job, he wears khakis and shaves. The other day he told me he takes gummy vitamins.  Seriously? Suddenly gummy vitimans for grown ups are everywhere and I don’t really get it.

I love gummy worms and gummy sharks as much as the next person . Last Christmas I gave my daughter and her boyfriend a green gummy bear lamp. But swallowing a vitamin every morning isn’t that big a deal. Just chug some oj and get it over with.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgmental about gummy vitamins, they are making him healthier and I love Eddie so that’s a good thing.

And now I’ve found this web site for Smarty Pants vitamins with a couple of extra twists.  Their products are supposed to improve your brain power…that’s right gummy stuff that makes you smarter. What’s not to love about that? Hey,Eddie’s a pilot, I really want him not to be stupid.

But wait, there’s more,  this company gives a bottle of  their gummy vitamins to poor kids every time you buy from them. They’ve hoped on the Tom/Bobs shoe wagon to save the Hell, if a kid is eating gummy vitamins that improve their brain function and wearing uber cool Toms he’s half way to joining the Democratic Party.