When Little Boys Sing Really Bad Songs

Last night I picked Sandor up from Taekwondo and he was singing a little song in the back seat. I listened intently.
“My girls bad, my girls good, my girl does what you wish yours would.”

Yikes. “Hey, what song is that?” I asked, trying to sound unconcerned.

“It’s a song I heard today. It’s not bad.” And he started singing again. “My girl bad, my girl good my girl do things I can’t put in words. ” And he kept on going.

 I was waiting for the song we sang in high school. “hotel, motel Holiday Inn, if you’re girl starts acting up, then you take her friend.”

Lex suddenly said, “that’s a Ludicrous song, it’s great. And he says hood, not good.”

I blurted, “No, it’s not great, not for him to be singing.”

What are we supposed to do when our little kids sing really bad songs?  But they don’t know they are bad and if we tell them not to sing….. they will ask why? Then we have to explain what kind of things “bad girls do”.  It’s a no win situation and a very catchy song.

When Lexie was four or five she loved a song by the rapper Shaggy called “It Wasn’t Me”. The lyrics go something like “she caught me banging in the kitchen…it wasn’t me. We were banging in the bedroom…it wasn’t me. She even caught butt naked banging on the kitchen floor….”

We told five year old Lexie the song was about a really bad drummer who couldn’t stop banging his drum sticks on every surface in the house and let her keep on singing.

When Sandor was six or seven Nickel Back came out with “We All Want to Be Big Rock Stars.”  My boy knew every word but the lyrics changed in his little brain and he sang, “Where the girls come easy and toys come cheap.”  Maybe you live in a music free Burka filled world and don’t know the real lyrics  ‘where the girls come easy and the drugs come cheap.”

I’m sure my parents went through the same spasms when I was little, cringing as I song along with the radio, wondering if I understood what Jim Morrison meant when he sang, “Come on baby light my fire,” or Steppenwolf screamed “Come on girl tell your dreams to me, fantasy will set you free.”

It’s all bad, very very bad. But they are children and don’t know it’s bad. So for now…we are safe.

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