A Water Park Christmas!

Dear Husband and Children,

Next Christmas I think I want to take a vacation instead of hanging out at the house. I think I want to go to one of those indoor water parks in Texas.  I don’t really like Texas that much because I’m from Arkansas and they think they are all that, but holy cow, I love water parks!

This summer I was the only middle aged woman in line for the Boogie Board surfing ride. I even brought an extra tee-shirt because I knew the waves can rip your swimming suit off and nobody wants a middle aged flasher at a water park. Yikes.

Ok family, so this place called Greatwolf has a package deal. We can get a room for two adults and two kids and two day passes to the FREAKIN’ AWESOME INDOOR WATERPARK FROM HELL for right around $550. I want to go. I love the toilet bowl rides, and the tubes that can hold all four of us at once.

Alex loves the slow float down a river rides, but I’m not crazy about those. I think kids pee in the water if the ride is slow or the water isn’t frigid. There’s no time to pee on the action rides.

So, that’s my plan for next Christmas…a trip that includes white caps and a hotel room. I’ll see you there.

Your Momma