Giant Men and Their Huge Pants

I just read a couple of articles about the size of human beings. We are getting so much bigger and at ridiculous rate.

One hundred years ago the average dude was 5’6-5’7 and 155 pounds. Now our men average 5’10 and weigh in at around 175 pounds (obviously they are not including the weight the men in Wal-Marts throughout the South). Petty soon all the guys are going need those big and tall jeans  from big and tell men shops. And then we won’t have any jockeys. 

I remember just twenty years ago finding a store for big men was really hard. Now, they have their own racks of stuff , right next to the normal clothes.

I just think it’s crazy that we are getting so much bigger. What if other animals were increasing in size at the same rate? House cats would be the size of Great Danes and hamsters might be as big as fat bunnies. We wouldn’t be able to keep them in an aquarium with a wheel!

Here’s part 2 of the weirdness.  We are all getting bigger but our eyesight is getting worse. Bad eye site is generally genetic so we keep passing down our squinty eyes to our kids. In the end we’ll just be huge humans, fumbling around looking for our glasses and tripping over our gigantic cats.