A Scathing Eggie Review

I bought the Eggies at Wal-mart. I was so excited and I was such a dooof. “No more peeling hard boiled eggs!” I hate peeling eggs, in fact sometimes I lose my temper while peeling and end up throwing eggs. But love eating them. The Eggie was going to make my life better. The box said so. And I could season eggs before cooking them, how great does that sound!?

Well, you are probably n0t going to be surprised when I tell you the Eggies SUCKS! Seriously, it’s one of the worst “as seen on tv” things I’ve ever fallen for.” (When am I going to stop falling for these things? Yikes. I’m actually pretty smart.)

First of all the Eggie is kind of complicated but an egg in a shell is not. There are four pieces you have to screw together after coating the inside with oil every time you use them.  But I did it, greased up my Eggies, screwed all the piece together then cracked an egg and tried to pour it into the Eggie. I missed and the raw egg spread across the counter.  Humm, Then I pushed the egg into a coffee cup and successfully poured it into the Eggie.  I repeated this process three times. Then I added all kinds of spices to one of the eggs and stirred it gently.

I was concerned because the spices and yolks were all floating to the surface.  Still I put the Eggies in my pot of water, watched and waited.  The strange thing was cooking the eggs in the Eggies took a long time, longer than normal eggs.Finally, I removed all four eggs from the water and let them cool. Things weren’t looking good still I pushed on.

After the eggs cooked then cooled, I unscrewed the Eggies and plopped an egg out. It was absolutely flat on top, not shaped like an egg at all. There’s no way I could make devil eggs out of them. And the outside was greasy and slippery.  I opened the rest and they were the same, except for the one with the spices. It looked diseased.  All the black spices were on the flat side. It was pretty gross looking.

I showed the plate of oily eggs to my husband, who is a chef. 

 “They look like boobs covered in baby oil” he laughed.

He was right.

So, it’s back to peeling eggs the old fashioned way.  Tap tap tap, peel peel peel.

Oh well, I think I can fill each Eggie with tinsel and use them as Christmas ornaments this year. That will be kind of pretty.

3 thoughts on “A Scathing Eggie Review”

  1. i like peeling eggs. The sound of the crack is almost like the same crack as creme brule. just not as sweet.

  2. Dangit. I was so excited about them. Thanks for letting me know before I spent the money!

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