duck faces are still kind of funny… silly girls

Sometimes the key to comedy is in the editing. A fifteen minute story might be funny. Trim it down and a five minute story almost makes you pee, or at least blow 7-Up our your nose.

But some of the stuff on is pretty funny, even if I’m not stoned. If I was stoned I’d probably laugh till my head hurt.  I work with a woman who gets sooooo much joy from the internet that I’m jealous.  Every morning she opens up stuff people e-mail her and videos on face book and she laughs like a crazy woman. Kittens falling into bowls of pudding and old ladies trying to wax their legs.  It’s a bawdy joyous sound and I kind of envy her her.

Here’s a link to girls making that weird duck face.  I know a lot of girls thought they were being sexy and making a kissing face. My daughter, Mary, had the hottest duck/kiss face on the planet.  But after 51 million21 year old women on facebook all made the same face, it stopped being sexy. Men realized it was just a ploy and they all looked like ducks. It stopped being sexy and turned into “STUPID NOT HOT”!

And finally there’s the “auto correct” page.  This happens to all of us, right.  We try to type “call me” and it turns into “ball me” and we hit the send button before we relize we just tested our great uncle with the porno mustache.  He’s the one that always winks at you and compliments your sweater.

“Warning” turns into “wanking”. “I got great tips” turns into “I got great tits.” 

Well good for you.

Buzzlol is pretty funny, you can absolutely waste some time there, laugh out loud then lie to your boss. Tell him you were trying to rewrite a report and put a spread sheet in it.  Yeah, and then “give him the classic duck face cause you have great tits.”

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