Cat Poop! Richard and Mary….

It’s another “daughter” blog. The next one will be about plus size models and I’ll get paid for it. Christmas is right around the corner so I have to say yes to a few paid blogs.

But not today! This one is about my daughter Mary and her boyfriend, Richard.

They taught their cat how to poop in the toilet, that’s the good news. But when they came to visit with their cute little dog, Cal, the stupid little thing peed and pooped in my house. Actually, Cal peed right on Sandor’s foot, in front of Richard. I think the dog has some serious issues and a hard core “screw you” attitude.

But their cat can poop in the toilet. I guess other people have done this too and their are stories on the internet but I think it’s astonishing. All they did was put the kitty litter pan on the toilet for a while, then they put a bowl of kittly litter in the toilet, the the cat goes to the bathroom in the toilet. Cool, right?

The funniest part is watching Richard describe and imitate the cat perched on the toilet seat with it’s legs spread out and an annoyed pissed off feline grimace on it’s face. If I was a cat and had to stand, suspended over a pot of water, I’d be pretty indigent too.

My question is, if it’s so easy to teach a cat to use a toilet why didn’t we start doing this years and years ago. Are humans evolving more slowly these days cause cleaning the kitty pan has always been one of the most disgusting chores.
when I was little we had a maid whom (is that right?) I loved. her name was Louella. And she would pay me a quarter twice a week to dump the kitty litter pan for her without telling my mom.

So, Richard and Mary, good job with the cat. But seriously, you need to do something about that dog of yours.

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