A High School Blog With A Drama Queen!

    It finally happened. My daughter, Lexie, started her own blog. I think she did it because she’s tired of me telling stories about her all the time. Her blog is all about high school in a rural Southern county. She doesn’t slam anyone but she absolutely tells it like it is. In her first piece she explained why she wanted to punch a girl in the face. The kid is a big time drama queen, so I kind of want to punch her too.

Recently she wrote about kids who say mean things but start the conversation with “No offense but….”  Here’s the dea, if you start a sentence that way you know your going to hurt somebodies’ feelings. So you shouldn’t. Just shut up and talk about the weather.

Lex also used the phrase, “If you can’t fix it, don’t dis’ it”. That’s a really good rule for everyone. If I have black stuff on my teeth tell me so I can go scrape it off. But if my nose looks bigger than usual just leave me alone. I can’t fix it.

So, if you want to take a look into highschool life you should stop by

www.sillystupidhighschoolblog.blogspot.com  Apparently, teenagers do have feelings and are pretty smart.