I Love Him But He Stinks

I love him but he stinks. I’m not talking about my eight year old, I’m talking about my dog, Theo. He is a big hairy lazy monster. I adore him but he smells like wet carpet and shoe funk combined. He tells me it’s his natural musk and he’s supposed to smell that way, but I’m not so sure.

Theo is half Chow and half St. Bernard. He loves rubbing up against all the couches and tables in the house to get a good scratch. So, now my couches smell like dog. Obviously I need to have them cleaned by a professional furniture cleaning services austin. He rubs up against my pants so they have to go to the dry cleaners and when he rubs up against the kids I throw them in the yard and hose them off. That’s how much I love Theo.

Thankfully we had all the carpet pulled out of the house a few years ago so there’s only hardwood, but I’m pretty sure that needs to be cleaned too. So I need to find some extraordinary floor guys like the steam team http://www.thesteamteam.com/. According to their website they can clean just about anything from dryer vents to patio furniture. 

Theo tells me I’m too sensitive to smell and I need to concentrate on his inner beauty and the fact that he loves biting strange trucks when they pull up in the driveway. And when there’s a rabbit in my garden and I say, “Go get that bunny Theo!” He just looks at me and says, “You go get that bunny, Diana. I’ll hold your Fresca while your gone.”

I know, I know, he stinks but I really love him.