Good Names Gone Bad

My son came home from school and told me there was a new girl in his class. “She’s kind of pretty and her name is Honey.”

My husband instantly launched into stripper jokes, “does Honey have her own pole?” he laughed. I think he dated an exotic dancer named Honey years ago.

Lots of names that used to seem pretty are nearly unusable now. Any name that is edible, like Ginger, Cookie Candy and Peaches only work for strippers and hookers. How did that happen? Peaches is a fun and sweet name but who in their right name would name their daughter Peaches? Maybe Joe Dirt.

There are other names people now associate with call girls and exotic dancers, Star, Angel, Heaven. Ok, so words affiliated with God are semi-stripper names too.

Maybe we should start a new category of names for hookers and strippers so we can take back the old ones. How about Thong, Pastey and Stiletto, stuff that’s part of their profession. I can give those words up if I get to take back Cookie, I think that would be a really cute grand baby name.

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