Maybe I Do Need To Go Shopping

I’m not a shopper. I haven’t been in a long time. If I need a  dressy white take top I walk into the mall with cash in hand. I move from store to store until I find a white tank top. I guess, if I had money, I would love to buy “stuff”, just pick out something that looks pretty or seems cool.

It’s entirely possible, if I visitited a store or the mall with unlimited credit I would buy things that simply catch my eye. Maybe I’d buy a bolero jacket like this one at Now there’s something I haven’t considered in years. I think Beau Derrick and Catherine Zeta Jones both looked beautiful in boleros. Could I pull it off, I don’t know, but my daughter Lexie could, because she has broad shoulders and a great neck. I’m still looking for my white tank top. But I’m kind of curious.

I’m back in the mall, or poking around on line and maybe I’ve decide what I really need is an aluminum wallet, yeah, that sounds interesting.  Have you seen these? They are smooth, classy aluminum wallets. The look like tiny brief cases and one real advantage, I would always have a smoothand  hard surface to write on and that’s kind of cool. But an aluminum wallet…hummm?

I haven’t purchased any luggage in years but if I did I think I’d go for something crazy looking. like this Why do I want fun and funky luggage?  So I can find it in the airport terminal.  Who needs a brown or black bag that swims in a school of other brown and black bags. I want to be part of the cool herd. I want to show up at a friends house with luggage people notice, instead of my son’s grubby backpack.

Maybe this shopping thing could be fun. It’s possible I need to reconsider my boring  habits and  loosen up a little. So next time you see me in a flirty bolero jacket with my aluminum wallet and zebra print suitcase….don’t hate me…congratulate me. Who needs a white tank top anyway.

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