Gangsters and Smugglers Never Get To Keep The Money

These are Smugglers From England. I think the ones in the US are generally better looking.

I’m about to tell you the truth.  Hardcore gangsters, smugglers and drug dealers never get to keep their money.  You’re saying to yourself, ‘how does a middle-aged white lady in Arkansas know anything about criminals?”

Answer, I’ve been married to one, I’ve had several in my family, and I spent the 1980s in the Florida Keys.   There was a song called “Smuggler’s Blues” , it was written about my boyfriend and cousin.

It’s true, in the short run the money can be great but I swear to you, gangsters and smugglers never ever get to keep the money. They all end up dead, broke or in prison. Many of the men in my life fall into one of those three categories and I promise you they were super crazy smart guys. They went for years with wads of cash, nice cars and great concert tickets, but eventually it all ends. They screw up, nobody wants to work with them or they go to prison and nobody trusts them, or they get killed and then they aren’t much fun at all.

If you do live successfully as a gangster or smuggler for say 15 years and then you’re career ends, you have a whole new problem.  You have no resume, or job skills, you didn’t finish college so ex-smugglers and gangsters have a hard time finding new employment. What skills do they have? Oh, they are really good at hanging out in bars in motels waiting for a phone call.

When I was married to one of these guys my mom used to say, “he thinks he has money.’  I was young and stupid and didn’t know the difference between “having money” and “thinking you have money.”  If you have money you can retire, go on vacations, buy a house (renting doesn’t count) and leave something for your children. If you “think you have money” you can take a trip to Belize and rent a hot boat, but you can’t open a bank account so the IRS and FBI gets really upset.

And what do you tell your child’s second grade class on Career Day?

One guy I knew, Bobby H. managed to buy some land in Central florida after retiring from the smuggling business but he only did that after 5 years in prison.

So, kids, if you’re thinking about a career as a gangster or smuggler figure something else out, be a chiropractor or talent scout. Nothing is hotter than a smart guy with money and that rarely happens in the criminal fields.