How To Say Goodnight To A Teenager

Saying goodnight to my eight year old son is the easiest, most natural thing, on the planet. I lie down next to him, kiss him 14 times on the face, we talk to God, giggle then I say “Good night, I love you.”

Saying goodnight to a teenager is a different story. Mine probably doesn’t  want me to crawl  into her bed and kiss her repeatedly, buy saying good night maybe even  more important for teenagers, if you can get them to unplug from their phone, Facebook and I-Pod for thirty seconds.

The chaos and drama most kids deal with everyday in high school is nearly unimaginable. I have 24 adults in my workplace, my daughter has 312 other kids in her building. I can get in my car and clear my head for an hour at lunch, teenagers aren’t allowed to leave their building. Imagine that kind of pressure. And sometimes home life can be pretty volcanic too. Unconditional love is one of the few things a parent can offer their kiddo at the end of the day.

When you simply make eye contact, give your child (no mater how big)  hug them and say, “I love you, good night” you are promising your child that no matter what you have their back and they have your love. Maybe your child got a speeding ticket,broke up with a boyfriend, got a really bad grade and argued with you over weekend plans or eye rolling.  When you say “I love you good night”  all that mess falls away for a moment and there is only your never ending love and support.

“I love you, good night,” doesn’t solve problems but it does tell you child the day is over and  you are still on the same team.

Sure they may squirm and sigh, they may act as though you are interrupting but you are giving them exactly what they need and want, even if they don’t know it.