Boob History

BOOB HISTORY! In 1977 a woman named Lisa Lindahl, wanted to take up jogging but the bouncing boob situation drove her crazy.

Her husband jokingly put two jock straps on and pranced around the house… and guess what…the sports bra was born. Thank you Liza Lindahl.

If you don’t have big boobs or the desire to do anything physical the invention of the sports bra won’t mean much to you. But if you are a woman who ever hoped to do anything other than knit and watch tv the invention of the sports bra is as important as microwaves and dental floss.

Life before the sports bra was miserable.   I remember playing tennis when I was 12 or 13, before the invention of the sports bra.  My coach started calling me “Boom Boom” so I quite the team. There simply wasn’t a place in sports for women in the sporting world if they wore anything large than a B cup bra.

But now, because of Lisa and the sports bra, we can all embrace our inner jock. We can run, kick, and hurdle our way into shape without the fear of the dreaded boob bounce. If you decided to toast this remarkable woman,  make sure it’s with a well supported cup.

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