Lex’s Taekwondo Rap

(Lex wrote this when she was eleven but it still kills me. I think she was the first in the rap community to use the word “wasabi”)

My lip gloss is cool
My lipgloss is poppin’
Your lookin’ at my lips
while your butt I’m stompin’.

You’re hittin on my girlsĀ 
and you won’t back down.
It’s gettin’ on my nerves
So your face I’ll pound.

Since I was three years old
my mom took me to a class
said I’d be safer
but I just laughed.

Well, I guess she was right
and today’s the day
I’m gonna lay you out cold
for gettin in my way.

I’m not just a punk
or kid on the street
I paid my money
to learn this technique

Kickin’ and punchin’
it’s a skill and art
Watcha mean we’re through?
This is just the start.

Learn to be respectful,
make it your hobby
Before you go and tell me
I’m hot like wasabi

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